Saturday, 9 March 2013

upgrade iman...

Ladies, don't focus so much of your time on finding that good man...he'll find you, trust me. You won't have to beg him for his love, attention, and respect. He'll freely give it. He will provide for his family in every way possible. I always tell women to"be that good woman whom he seeks". Focus more of your attention on making sure you are exactly what you want in a mate. No baggage, or drama from your past, priorities in order, loving who you are, and making sure any good man would be blessed to find you. We will see you, because you shine brightest. Your beauty goes beyond what you see in the mirror, and reflects what we desire in a heart. Once I find you there...A woman whom I can love&adore. A woman whose not afraid to be a woman. That woman who prayed for a man like me...What a woman she will be. Thank God...I'll stop and say hello.(The rest is history)

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